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Is your credit whacked? Some banks and credit issuers specialize in offering a credit card for poor credit for people who have a less than perfect credit history. These cards may come with a smaller credit line, a higher interest rate and possibly an annual fee, but they are a good option for individuals who are having trouble being accepted by one of the better card offers.

There is nothing worse than having your computer crash. It's one thing to replace the computer, but it's a totally different thing to retrieve the files and information that took you years to accumulate from the hard drive. Data recovery help services will repair and recover damaged hard drives and other computer media. You can probably get all of your important files back.

If you have been turned down for a credit card, maybe a secured credit card is what you should be looking for. A secured card looks and works just like an unsecured card (except that you have to preload it with funds before you spend them). A secured card offers plenty of convenience features including a ceiling on how much you can spend. You won't go further into debt by using one of these cards.

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