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When you head off to college, you have to pack a good piece of plastic in your wallet. Some issuers make cards specifically for college students. A credit card for students can help young people learn to budget, while at the same time affording them the luxury of having a way to pay for emergencies and meeting current expenses while they wait for their student loan checks to arrive.

More and more students are operating small businesses while they attend college. One thing every small business needs is a business credit card. A small business credit card will keep business expenses separate from personal expenses and allow the owner to pay purchases online. There are several great small business credit card offers available today.

Students often pay more in car insurance premiums than they have to. If you shop around, you can often find a policy that will save you money every month. Check out some fast car insurance policies and quotes for SUVs, trucks and cars online right now. You can see multiple quotes from some of the best-known insurers in the USA.

The days of filling out paper credit card applications are history. Credit card applications online help you to apply for the right card. You will often know instantly whether you have been approved or not. You can apply for student, secured, rewards, business, gas rebate or low APR cards right online.

If your credit history is either non-existent or bad, you can still carry a good card with you. If you check out one of the prepaid credit cards you may find that a prepaid, or reloadable card is the perfect card for your situation. With a prepaid card, you will never rack up balances that you can't pay off, and you won't be piling up interest charges either.

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College Students and their Credit Cards
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