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We have put together a short collection of other student-related finance, credit and money management resources we hope you find helpful.

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Are you spending too much on your car insurance? Auto insurance quotes are available online right now. You can quickly and easily get several car insurance quotes. You may be able to save some money on your current policy for your car or truck.

If you're running a small, student-run business, you can see the top business credit card applications that are available these days. You can apply for and get the perfect small business card online. Besides allowing you time to pay for purchases, a business card keeps your business and personal expenses separate, allows you to leave your business checkbook at home and maybe even earns you rewards points and dollars.

The best credit cards can found at this credit card online application helper site, which categorizes the top card offers by category of card, e.g., business, student, secured, prepaid, rewards or no annual fee.

If your credit report is out of shape, you can still get a good credit card. One of the best secured national brand credit cards can be on its way to your mailbox today. A secured card operates just like an unsecured card in stores, over the phone, online and anywhere credit cards are accepted. They offer more security than a debit card does.

Every student needs to carry a credit card to use in emergency situations. Choosing from the available and popular college student credit cards you can select from a Visa or MasterCard from the biggest card issuers around.

Have you decided upon a university yet? There are lots of choices between degree options and schools. A site such as can give you some pointers. Visit them here.
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