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Free Copy of my Credit Report
The following services all offer free copies of your credit report. They usually will offer you up to three report choices — You can obtain just a single copy from one of the three credit reporting agencies, you could get one merged report that includes information from all three reporting agencies, or you can receive unlimited online access to your credit report for an ongoing period, during which time you would correct inaccuracies on your report and work to improve your report and credit score.

Our recommendation is to sign up for their service in order to get your credit report. If your report looks great, you can then just cancel the ongoing service. If your report has some inaccuracies or bad marks, it is probably in your best interest to keep the service with the unlimited online access until you have corrected the information that the three reporting agencies have. If you find it too difficult to work with the credit bureaus yourself, you could team up with someone like Lexington Law who will work with you and the credit agencies to correct your report.
This online service offers a handy and very informative credit report merged from the files of all three reporting bureaus. They also provide toll-free customer service, useful financial content on a wide range of credit topics, and industry affiliations with the Better Business Bureau. (Note: This service is available for US customers only.)

Another leading provider of online credit reports and credit monitoring services, provides fast, easy access to online viewing of your credit report information, including an easy to read analysis of the report's content.

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Free Copy of Credit Report

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